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Reverse 1999 Fish And Chips Riddle Guide – Where Is The Food On Thursday?

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Stumbled on the kitchen riddle in Reverse 1999? Allow us to show you some mercy. Our Reverse 1999 fish and chips riddle guide gives you the tools you need to succeed. And if the tools don’t help? We’ll tell you the answer at the end, too.

Reverse 1999 is a time-hopping adventure where you cross the eras to find the answer to a catastrophic mystery. From Ancient Greece to the roaring Twenties, to the swinging Sixties, fight your way through the centuries and meet a huge cast of colorful and wacky characters. Ever wanted to fight monsters with an apple in a tie, a UFO, and some disembodied arms? Now’s your chance.

Reverse 1999 is available right now on Google Play. We’ve also got a Reverse 1999 tier list, and a Reverse 1999 codes guide.

Reverse 1999 Fish And Chips Riddle Answer

In Chapter Three: Nouvelles Et Textes Pour Rien, you’ll run into a puzzle that needs your attention. It’s a riddle concerning where you’ll find foods in a kitchen on a Thursday. It might sound confusing, but it’s simple once you’ve figured out the clues.

Previous Days

You get some pieces of paper for reference that detail the position of different ingredients in the kitchen on each day. It’s present in handwritten and typed form, but the quality of the typing degrades as the days go by.

We’ve translated each if you just want an easier read.


Fish and chips in the closet. Bread in the cabinet. Peas puree on the shelf. Vegetables in the basket.


Bread on the shelf. Vegetables in the closet. Peas puree in the basket. Fish and chips in the cabinet.


Fish and chips on the shelf. Peas puree in the closet. Vegetables in the cabinet.

How To Solve The Riddle

To answer the riddle you need to state where two of the items, fish and chips, and peas puree, are on the Thursday. This might seem like a confusing question, but once you have the information above it’s just a process of elimination.

Only one item can be in a certain spot, the items move every day, and they don’t repeat their location. All you need to do is figure out where the items haven’t been yet, and you have the answer.

Don’t look below if you want to try it for yourself!

The Answer

Still stumped? Okay, we’ll put you out of your misery.

  • Where are fish and chips?
  • Where is peas puree?

Keep in mind that these answers are caps-sensitive and expect you to have a capital letter at the start.

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