How to Learn and Use Spells In RO-Wizard and All Spells Listed!

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Do you want to know How to Learn and Use Spells In RO-Wizard? This guide will tell you how to learn spells, how to use them, and all available spells there are in the game.

RO-Wizard is a Roblox game that allows you to become a wizard in a magical school. You can learn spells, potions, face monsters, and duel with other players! The school is filled with secrets for you to find.

If you’re ready to learn some spells, play RO-Wizard here on Roblox. If you’re already a player and need some extra help finding the gems, check out the guide we have on Ro-Wizard Gems.

How to Learn and Use Spells In RO-Wizard

Where To Learn Spells

Stationed throughout the game, you’ll find books. Interacting with these will let you learn a different spell.

How To Cast A Spell

When casting a spell, make sure you have your wand out and ready to use. There are three ways to cast spells.

The first way is by typing the name of the spell in your text box and then hovering over your target.

The second way is to go to your spell menu (which you can open up on the left side of your screen) and clicking on the spell you want to use.

Lastly, you can use your keyboard! For example, pressing 1 and 1 will cast Stupefy. On your spell menu, your spells will have numbers next to them which tells you what numbers you need to press when casting a spell.

All Spells

Below is a list of all spells in the game and where to find them!

Attack Spells

Attack spells are spells that can damage opponents.

  • Stupefy, Diffindo – Starter
  • Fulguritis– Grand Hall Courtyard
  • Luminus– Entrance Hall
  • Bublio– Outside of the Entrance Hall
  • Aqua Carcerem– The Forbidden Forest
  • Vacuus– The Teacher’s Lounge Roof
  • Fiendfyre- Sunken Cave
  • Glacia Maxima– The Crystal Cave
  • Rictumsempra– Clock Tower Courtyard
  • Gladio– The Secret Passage in Lion’s Courtyard

Defensive Spells

Defensive Spells are spells that will repel or block magical attacks.

  • Expelliarmus– Grand Hall
  • Episkey– Hospital
  • Glacius– Owlery Tower
  • Ventus– Behind the Painting in Transfiguration Courtyard
  • Protego– Starter
  • Arresto Momentum– Clock Tower
  • Expecto Patronum– DADA Classroom Upstairs
  • Gaia Murum– Restricted Section in Library
  • Immobulus– Stone Structure near Blodgeball Arenaa
  • Fumos– Tower near The Willlow
  • Protego Electrica– DADA Classroom Secret Passage Upstairs
  • Expungo– Wooden Bridge

Charm Spells

Charm Spells will add certain properties to an object or person.

All of these are found in the Starter section:

  • Alohomora
  • Wingdarium Leviosa
  • Accio
  • Depulso
  • Hastio

However, Colloportus is found in the Small Cave outside Badger’s Common Room.

Utility Spells

Utility Spells will have special affects to help you in certain situations, however are usually not combat-based.

  • Ascendio, Lumos, Nox – Starter
  • Homenum Revelio– Behind a Painting in the inaccessible room of Entrance Hall
  • Artemio– Under the carpet in Rollsmeade Bar
  • Periculum – Duelling Club
  • Lumos Maxima– Secret Door at Transfiguration Courtyard
  • Incendio– Under Quidditch Pitch


Runes are special symbols or patterns and when casted, will help or protect you.

  • Encaseum Bombardo– Near Broom Practice Yard
  • Encaseum Levo– Floating Islands above Astronomy Tower
  • Encaseum Helios- Hidden Cave under Suspension Bridge

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