Roblox Fantasia Outfits – How to Dress Up

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Not sure how to dress up? Here’s a helpful guide on Roblox Fantasia Outfits. If you’re ready to become royalty, keep reading, as we have everything you need to know about Fantasia Outfits and how to get your social status up.

What comes to mind when you think of Fantasia? The Disney film? The fantasy world in The Never Ending Story? The name of my Animal Crossing island?…. Anyway. Well in Roblox, Fantasia is a royal RPG – allowing you to dress up, dance in ballrooms, become a part of the royal family, and live in a castle. However there are also chances for you to go on adventures and meet magical (and dangerous) creatures.

Ready to become royalty yourself? Play Fantasia yourself here on Roblox. If fantasy RPGs are your thing, take a look at our guide on How to Learn and Use Spells In RO-Wizard.

Roblox Fantasia Outfits

Here we go!

Dress To Impress

In the land of Fantasia, it’s important to dress up! When you start up the game, you can customize your character and how you want to look. Throughout the game, you get tons of opportunities to dress up in different clothes, accessories, and hair styles.

There are even photobooths, giving you the opportunity to take pictures of your outfits with your friends. If you want to change outfits, there are changing rooms in the castle for you to go to. There are tons of things you can customise.

For hair, you can change the length, colour, and hairstyle of your character – even adding bangs! For clothes, you have different subsections to choose from. There is formal, casual, sleepwear, and staff – clothes for every occasion. You can also add facial accessories and hats to add some more personality to your character. Not to mention, you can change your face and add makeup.

Royal Roleplay

A big part of the game is roleplay. Roleplaying will include developing your characters backstory, building and forming relationships with other players, and participating in roleplaying scenarios that range from simple social interactions to vast adventures.

By forming friendships with other players, you’ll be more likely to get invited to balls (you also get a badge for going to one!). More invites means more chances for you to show off your outfits.

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