Roblox The Long Drive Ending Guide

Feature imagw for our Roblox The Long Drive ending guide. It shows a view of the road in-game, with wracked, abandoned tanks left on the roadside.

Is there a safe haven in the bleak world of The Long Drive, or are you doomed to drive until your lights go dark? That’s what we’re here to show you. Roblox The Long Drive ending guide goes over what to expect at the end of the road.

The Roblox game The Long Drive takes some inspiration from the Steam game of the same name in terms of basic gameplay mechanics, but the vibes are very different. You’re out to reach Almaty, a safe place supposedly 5,000km away, but to get there you need to make it through miles of eerie abandoned countryside full of danger.. as the Svintus close in.

Want to brave the roads yourself? Check out The Long Drive on Roblox. Want something a little less intense? Try out Sol’s RNG Eclipse guide.

Roblox The Long Drive Ending Guide

Okay, let’s go over everything useful.

Is There An Ending? (And Is It Really 5,000km Away?)

Okay, despite what the sign is, the end of The Long Drive isn’t 5,000km away. The road doesn’t run infinitely either. You can reach the end of the road if you can avoid the numerous hazards and not run out of fuel on the way. Well, maybe in theory you could finish it on foot but I’m not volunteering to try it.

How Do You Reach The Ending?

As of the current update, you can hit the end and complete the game around the 80km mark. It can be a bit closer or a bit further away, but 80km is the median. If you hit that and the road keeps going, just hold on a little longer!

You’ll know you’re there because your vehicle will stop, and you’ll get the overview of a small town, hopefully an occupied one rather than another ghost town. Think you’ll be safe there? Only the next update will tell…

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