Rogue Ninja Tier List

Feature image for our Rogue Ninja tier list. It shows an overhead view of the Rogue Ninja map.

Want to know which characters to aim for? Do the unlockable character types in Rogue Ninja feel like a massive choice? Let us guide you, genin. Our Rogue Ninja tier list has our take on the most powerful ninja in the game.

Rogue Ninja is out now on Roblox. If you want to claim a free character so you can pick one form the tiers, try our Rogue Ninja codes guide.

Rogue Ninja Tier List

Below we rank the different character classes in Rogue Ninja. They run in descending order, from the best characters in S-Tier, down to the least impressive ones in D-Tier.


The best characters with the strongest skills available. Moves have very few weaknesses. If you’ve got a free character via the code still, you should aim for these, or save up your gold to get hold of one.

  • Shark Ninja


Strong characters that you can still win with as long as you have a little bit of skill at the game.

  • Rogue Ninja
  • Sand Ninja


Decent, though these need more skill and experience to be competitive at the game with. The special moves might be a little harder to use.

  • Ghost Ninja
  • Noodle Ninja


Okay, but not a first choice. These may have skills that are weaker, or too specialized for their own good. You can still win, but it’ll be an uphill battle.

  • There are no C-Tier characters right now.


Next to useless, don’t even bother with these.

  • No ninjas in D-Tier. We assume. They’re pretty good at hiding.

Tier lists are a handy go-to for ideas, but they’re pretty subjective. What works for us may not always work for you, and if you can make a character we rated low perform well, then we’re really pleased! Feel free to comment below if you feel like we’re really off base, or missed something important.

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