Samkok Tactics M Tier List

Samkok Tactics M official artwork.

Not sure which characters are the best? Our Samkok Tactics M tier list is here to help. In this guide, I rank all of the characters from S tier to D tier, with S being best and D being the worst. That way, you can add only the best characters to your party, skipping the rest. I’ll update this guide whenever a new character is introduced, so I recommend bookmarking this page and checking back often.

Samkok Tactics M is a strategy mobile game that takes place during the Three Kingdoms historical period. You have to raise your own army, led by famous warlords like Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Lu Bu, and Dong Zhuo, and seize vital territories to defeat your opponents.

You can grab Samkok Tactics M from Google Play. If you’re looking for something else that’s new, check out our Seven Knights Idle Adventure tier list.

Samkok Tactics M Tier List

Now, let’s take a look at all of the characters ranked in our Samkok Tactics M tier list.


  • Cao Cao
  • Countu
  • Gui Gae
  • Ha Hua Yan
  • Hairy Stalker
  • Sun Hock
  • Zhang Liew


  • Jiu Yi
  • Lok Sun
  • Sun Ce
  • Taishu Zhu


  • Julong
  • Liu Bei
  • Lost
  • Sun Jian
  • Sun Quan
  • Uighai


  • Bang Thong
  • Guan Yu
  • Lipo
  • Tung Toh
  • Zhang Hui
  • Zhuge Liang


  • Bunthew
  • Diao Chan
  • Ngan Liang
  • Uan Shao

What Are the Samkok Tactics M Best Characters?

The following characters are those that we consider to be the best in the game, and we thoroughly recommend that you roll them if possible.

  • Cao Cao
  • Countu
  • Gui Gae
  • Ha Hua Yan
  • Hairy Stalker
  • Sun Hock
  • Zhang Liew

Samkok Tactics M Reroll Guide

Didn’t get the character you want in your initial roll? Follow our instructions below to roll again:

  • When logging in for the first time, choose a guest account
  • Beat the tutorial
  • Roll your first characters
  • Get what you want? Head to settings and log in
  • If not, uninstall the game and boot it up again
  • Repeat these steps

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