Shock Marauder Pilgrammed Guide

Feature image for our Shock Marauder Pilgrammed guide. It shows the boss arena area in the Suslands.

Looking for a particularly electrifying secret boss in Pilgrammed? We’re here to help! Our Shock Marauder Pilgrammed guide is here to give you all the info you need on this stormy character.

Pilgrammed in an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It’s an open-world action RPG that doesn’t pull its punches. You may die repeatedly and horribly on your quest across the land, but if you learn something while you do, then it’s all part of the challenge.

You can find Pilgrammed on Roblox. If you’re looking for more freebies, check out our Pickaxe Mining Simulator codes, Gym Simulator codes, and Anime Defense Simulator codes.

Shock Marauder Pilgrammed Guide

Below we’ll try and cover any information that you might find useful.

About Shock Marauder

Shock Marauder is a secret boss that can appear in the Suslands in Pilgrammed. He is a powerful lightning-based boss, who can drop some exclusive loot on defeat, though he’s not a pushover. Be prepared for a fight.

His stats are as follows.

  • 600HP
  • 6 DEF
  • 35 Damage
  • 40% Damage Taken

How To Summon Shock Marauder

To spawn Shock Marauder you will need the Copper Crystal. This can be purchased from the NPC Verdant in Stonesurgeon for 300 gold and 10 copper.

Once you have the Copper Crystal, take it to the open field in the Suslands and use it. Shock Marauder should spawn shortly afterwards.

How To Fight Shock Marauder

Shock Marauder is capable of teleporting around the arena, and is able to fire at you from a distance using his Sundowners. These attacks can be parried, though failing, especially in the second phase, can cause severe damage to your health.

You will want to try and close the gap as quickly as possible, particularly if you’re a melee user, and get some hits in before the boss teleports again. Lightning will also strike the ground around the area, so watch out for that.

The best time to attack him is when he turns in place and fires lightning bolts into the ground.

Shock Marauder Rewards

On defeat, the Shock Marauder gives you 150 Gold, 1000XP, and has a chance of dropping the following items.

  • Storm Boots – 16.39%
  • Shock Bullets – 16.53%
  • Outlaw Glasses – 49.92%
  • Sundowners – 33.82%

About Pilgrammed

Pilgrammed is an action RPG on Roblox. It gives you a wide world to explore, full of deadly enemies, bosses, loot, and quirky NPCs. Wander the world at your leisure, but be careful! It’s full of monsters that won’t think twice about sending you right back to the checkpoint. You can buy new gear and mine for ore to get better equipment, you might need it!

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