Smash Legends Beginners’ Guide: Classes, Legends, Modes, and More

The title of Smash Legends is also a pretty good instruction manual for the game. The main thing you do in it is smash Legends. You smash them until their HP is low, and then you smash them off the edge of your floating arena. Smash Legends. Job done. 

Okay, so there’s a little bit more to Smash Legends than that. While this fairytale brawler from LINE Games is a masterclass in streamlined and intuitive gameplay, it’s also true that knowledge is power. 

Read this guide and power yourself right up. 

The Basics

There’s just one Legend and one Arena mode available when you first start playing Smash Legends. The Legend is Peter, and the Arena is Dominion, which sees you and your teammates trying to hold an area of the map. 

You move around with a floating control stick on the left of the screen, and you attack and jump with a selection of virtual buttons on the right. There’s a basic attack, a rechargeable Skill, and a rechargeable Ultimate. 

The oft-overlooked jump button plays a huge role in Smash Legends, and you’d better get used to using it fast. Not only does jumping let you re-enter the arena when you accidentally step out, but it adds to your combat repertoire. 

There are also jump pads and collectible items dotted around the Arenas, giving you more options during those frantic three-minute battles. 

Character Growth

The main spine of Smash Arena’s progression is the Medal Road. Every time you win a battle you earn Medals and move along this metaphorical road, unlocking various upgrades and items. These include new Legends, new Arenas, Coins, and Reward Boxes. 

There’s another type of road, too. Each Legend has its own Legend Road, where you’ll unlock Puzzle Pieces, Coins, Skins, and more by completing missions and earning Medals with the Legend in question. 

Winning battles also nets you Keys.

Reward boxes are gacha crates containing Legends, Puzzle Pieces, and Coins. Puzzle Pieces and Coins let you upgrade your Legends.


At launch, there are eight Legends in Smash Arena. As we’ve already indicated, these are unlocked as you progress down the Medal Road, or by opening Reward Boxes. 

All except Peter, that is. You’ve got him from the start, and with good reason. 

Peter (Fighter) is the perfect Legend for beginners, with wide area melee damage enabling him to take out multiple opponents at once. 

Red (Assassin) is a speedy Legend who inflicts high damage, making her perfect for harrying your opponent with short, sharp attacks. 

Master Cat (Fighter) is another solid all-rounder, with a cat-like ability to string together airborne combos. 

Alice (Supporter) is a more specialized Legend. She drops landmines for opponents to step on, and immobilizies her adversaries with a powerful Ultimate, but can’t move very fast. 

Cindy (Vanguard) is perfect as your Legend on point, rushing in and kicking everybody’s ass before the rest of your party shows up. She moves fast and boasts a wide array of devastating combos. 

Hook (Marksman) is your typical sniper, making her ideal for larger Arenas where she can hang back and dominate from afar. She has some tricks up her sleeve, including a devastating Ultimate, but she’s not much cop at close range. 

Kaiser (Vanguard) is a tank, with HP to burn and a powerful knockback skill but not much in the way of speed. An ideal candidate for Dominion. 

And Ravi (Fighter) is another all-rounder whose specialty is control. His basic attack holds enemies in one place while his Skill pulls them towards him. His Ultimate damages multiple opponents at once. 


Finally, a few words on the various different modes in Smash Legends. 

Dominion is the one you start with. This 3v3 mode sees you occupying and guarding a capture point for a set period of time. The team that spends the most time in the capture point wins. 

Duel mode is for badass players who want to hone their skills. It sees you going head to head with one other player. The winner is the one who gets to three points first. 

Harvest is a four-player free-for-all mode that sees you killing Mandrakes to harvest their fruits. These Mandrakes come in different sizes, and you get more points for felling a big one. 

Team Deathmatch is a 3v3 mode in which two teams race to get to ten kills first. This one is very frantic and fast-paced, and calls for a balanced approach of protecting your teammates and taking out your enemies. 

Battle Royale mode is exactly what it sounds like: an eight-player free-for-all on the biggest map in the game. This map shrinks over time, forcing everybody together until only one player remains. 

Crown Guard mode sees you taking aim at the other team’s leader. You only get points for regicide – not for killing bog-standard commoners. The first team to take the other team’s Crown three times wins. 

Smash Legends is currently available in Europe and Canada via soft launch on Google Play (and the App Store) – as well as Steam Early Access. Other regions can pre-register via the game’s official site here, and via Google Play.

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