Sols RNG Potion Tier List – All Era 5 Potions Ranked!

A character from Roblox game Sols RNG standing in front of the Stella NPC. In the background, rocks and mushrooms are present.

In the Era 5 update for Sols RNG, a whole batch of new Potions have rolled into town, ready for you to sample their delights. In our Sols RNG Potion Tier List, we’ll go through each in turn, ranking them based on how useful they are.

Sols RNG is a gacha experience on the Roblox platform. It features a wide range of stunning Auras, and unlimited rolls to go after them with. As of Era 5, it also features Potion brewing, which brings with it a rich suite of new concoctions. In this list, we’ll rank all of the available Potions in the game.

You can dive into Sols RNG yourself via Roblox right now. For more on the game’s latest update, check out our Sols RNG Jackpot Gauntlet guide and our Sols RNG Stellas Portal guide.

Complete Sols RNG Potion Tier List

The following is our full ranking of all the available Potions in Sols RNG at time of writing. When ranking them, we factored in how useful each Potion is, as well as how easy they are to acquire.

S Tier

  • Fortune Potion – All three Fortune Potions are excellent, offering sizable Luck boosts for long stretches of time. On average, these will work out better than Heavenly Potions, and they’re easier to craft to boot.

A Tier

  • Haste Potion – The improved version of the Speed Potion, crafted via Stella. Offers a better, longer roll cooldown reduction than its predecessor.

B Tier

  • Heavenly Potion – The Heavenly Potions are huge gambles, demanding a tonne of rare resources but offering a huge amount of luck for one roll in return. You could roll one of the rarest Auras in the game with one of these, or just a Common. Since they offer just one roll, they’re not particularly consistent.

C Tier

  • Lucky Potion – The basic Lucky Potion found around the map. A classic, but not as effective as the new brewable alternatives.
  • Speed Potion – Like the Lucky Potion, the Speed Potion has been usurped by better options. Better to save it for crafting those than use it for its own effect.

D Tier

  • Universe Potion – Considering how difficult it is to craft this one, a temporary boost to the roll chances of two Auras just isn’t worth it.

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