Souls Tier List – Every Epic Hero Ranked!

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Making a party in a gacha is hard. That’s why I’ve put together this Souls tier list, to help you determine which hero to use and which to skip. It’s designed to help you at all stages of the game, from the beginning, when you’re stuck with weaker options, all the way to the end. I’ll update it whenever a new hero arrives, or alongside balance changes, so please bookmark this page and check back often!

Souls is the latest game by the prolific developer Habby. You may know it best from the roguelike Archero or Vampire Survivors-like Well, Souls is a bit of a departure for Habby, as it’s a gacha game that sees you exploring a 3D world, recruiting heroes, and battling enemies. There’s an idle component, in that you can leave your heroes to battle automatically, collecting the rewards upon your return.

You can grab Souls from Google Play. I’ve also put together a Souls best heroes guide and we’ve got a a tier list if you’re simply a fan of Habby.

Souls Tier List

Now, let’s take a look at the complete rankings in our Souls tier list. Remember, we are only ranking the epic heroes, as these are the best in the game and the heroes you will use when you reach endgame.


The best heroes currently available, and a must have in all endgame parties.

  • Aolmond – Healer
  • Dolucos – Dealer
  • Kaion – Dealer
  • Lulu – Supporter
  • Richelle – Defender
  • Solina – Healer


Solid heroes that can fill gaps in your party.

  • Abala – Defender
  • Benzel – Dealer
  • Carmen – Dealer
  • Dextor – Supporter
  • Fleta – Dealer
  • Lilith – Dealer
  • Milia – Dealer
  • Nuel – Supporter
  • Olga – Supporter
  • Sol – Dealer
  • Taros – Defender
  • Void – Healer
  • Zagrako – Defender


These characters are great during the early and mid phases of the game, but fall off towards the end.

  • Babu – Defender
  • Calix – Supporter
  • Harfa – Defender
  • Idina – Supporter
  • Odelia – Healer
  • Sander – Dealer
  • Tania – Dealer
  • Ulion – Attacker
  • Zenon – Supporter


Heroes in this tier have niche uses. They might be good against specific enemies, or in a particular game mode. Otherwise, avoid them.

  • Amanda – Dealer
  • Aruru – Healer
  • Ash – Supporter
  • Bahzam – Dealer
  • Fiona – Healer
  • Ken – Dealer
  • Lagou – Defender
  • Paru – Supporter
  • Rakan – Defender


Don’t use heroes in this tier unless you absolutely have to.

  • Galan – Supporter
  • Naru – Healer
  • Telfer – Dealer

Why Did We Only Choose Epic Characters?

This tier list is primarily aimed at endgame players, who will have unlocked a bunch of epic characters. As you can probably tell, epic characters are considerably superior to characters of other rarities. So, we’ve skipped them in favour of just epic rarity characters so you can just focus on building the best team.

What Should I Do During the Early Phases of the Game?

Keep pulling in the gacha and add any epic heroes that you unlock to your party. Even if they’re D tier, they will provide a significant improvement over a character in a lower rarity. Keep building up your party full of epics until you can start to choose who you can add, then use this tier list to help you.

Also, when you reach a point where you start being picky with epics, make sure to reset any heroes you drop from your party. That way, you can gain the materials you need to upgrade your new epic almost instantaneously.

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