Stands Awakening Volcanic Rock Guide

Feature image for our Stands Awakening Volcanic Rock guide. It shows a player character posing in the town.

Did you find a weird rock while wandering around the town? Not sure what it’s for? Don’t worry, we have the answers! Our Stands Awakening Volcanic Rock guide goes over what you need to know about the enigmatic item.

Stands Awakening is a game on Roblox inspired by the phenomenon that is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Summon into a strange little town, pick up your moves and Stand, then duke it out with other players from all around the globe.

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Stands Awakening Volcanic Rock Guide

Here we’ll tell you a little about the item, and everything associated with it.

About Volcanic Rock

Volcanic Rock is an item that can be found randomly lying around town. It has a 25% chance to spawn with each item spawn, so you might not find it on your first search.

Using Volcanic Rock

So, what does it do? Well if you use Volcanic Rock with the Gold Experience Stand, it will turn into the Shiny version, Volcanic Experience. Volcanic Experience has a sick-looking black and glowing red color scheme, though don’t expect a power boost. The change is mostly cosmetic and the moveset is the same.

About Stands

Stands are strange entities that will generally manifest behind you when activated, and bestow supernatural powers upon you when they do. You can get your own by finding an arrow item and jabbing yourself with it.

About Stands Awakening

Stands Awakening is a game on the Roblox platform where you get to fight like Jojo characters in an open town arena. Try your moves out on dummies, or go and battle other players, but be careful, you never know what Stand you’ll get.

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