Stands Awakening White Snake Guide

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Drawn a Stand and not sure whether you’re getting a good one? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Our Stands Awakening White Snake guide covers all we know about this particular Stand.

Stands Awakening is a game on Roblox inspired by the phenomenon that is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Summon into a strange little town, pick up your moves and Stand, then duke it out with other players from all around the globe.

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Stands Awakening White Snake Guide

Here we’ll try and answer all of your burning questions on the topic.

About Stands

Stands are strange entities that will generally manifest behind you when activated, and bestow supernatural powers upon you when they do. You can get your own by finding an arrow item and jabbing yourself with it.

About White Snake

White Snake is a stand that originally belonged to the infamous Enrico Pucci in the Jojo Stone Ocean story. This stands comes with the following moves:

  • E Held – Usha Barrage – A rush of punches from the Stand.
  • R – Heavy Punch – It’s a punch, it’s heavy.
  • T – Gunshot – Projectile attack in front of the user.
  • Y – Acid Spit – A projectile spit attack that stuns and poisons a target.
  • F – Disc Steal – Short-ranged grab attack, steals another Stand’s abilities, weakening the opponent. This lasts for a few seconds.

Getting White Snake

The Stand can be acquired using the Arrow item, which you can find scattered randomly on the map, and which regularly respawn. On using it, what Stand you get is a random chance, and White Snake has a 4% chance of showing up in any roll.

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