Sword Chronicles: Awaken Tier List – August 2023

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Looking to assemble your squad in Sword Chronicles: Awaken, but need a bit of advice? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our Sword Chronicles: Awaken tier list sets out to rank the available characters so you can make your choices with a bit more confidence.

Sword Chronicles: Awaken is a fantasy RPG with a huge cast of characters over four factions. Put together your ideal team and battle against tons of enemies.

You can check it out on Google Play.

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Sword Chronicles: Awaken Tier List

Here are our rankings!


Simply the best.

  • There are no S-tier characters right now!


Very good and worth keeping around.

  • There are no A-tier characters right now!


Good but not great.

  • There are no B-tier characters right now!


Underachiever, a few niche uses.

  • There are no C-tier characters right now!



  • There are no D-tier characters right now!

Character List

  • CaiWenJi
  • ChunHua
  • Da Qiao
  • DiaoChan
  • Huang Zhong
  • LianShi
  • LingQi
  • Lu Bu
  • Meng Huo
  • ShangZiang
  • Sun Quan
  • Taishi Ci
  • WeiYan
  • WenJi
  • Xiahou Dun
  • Xiahou Yuan
  • Xiao Qiao
  • XingChen
  • Xu Chu
  • Xu Huang
  • YinPing
  • YueYing
  • Zhang He
  • ZhangLiao
  • Zhao Yun
  • Zhen Ji
  • ZhuRong
  • Zhuge Liang

How do Our Tiers Work?

Our tiers run from best to worst and rank the general usefulness of the synergy.

  • S Tier: OP. The best of the best. Get one as soon as you can.
  • A Tier: Not as exceptional as S, but definitely very good. Will help you get through content with no problems.
  • B Tier:  Solid and dependable, but not exceptional. They won’t let you down, but you might switch them out later.
  • C Tier: Below average. Only useful in niche situations.
  • D Tier: Avoid like the plague.

How Did We Decide on the Rankings?

We pull our ranks from our own gameplay, and from community response. Tier lists aren’t always totally objective, and your playstyle might suit things we rank lower! So, feel free to argue with us in the comments.

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