Swordburst 3 Pathos The Fire Lord Boss Guide – The Final Battle For Floor 2!

A character from Roblox game Swordburst 3 standing in a cave, a huge Greatsword slung over one shoulder.

Swordburst 3 has a surprisingly diverse batch of bosses for you to beat down, from angry bears to slithering lizards. In our Swordburst 3 Pathos the Fire Lord Boss guide, we’ll walk you through the toughest of them all.

Swordburst 3 is an Action RPG on the Roblox platform. Inspired by the popular anime series Sword Art Online, it lets you grind your way through a colourful online world full of monsters and helpful NPCs. It also features some tricky Boss battles to test your skills, with the mighty Pathos the Fire Lord easily topping the charts. If you think you can handle the heat, then read on to learn how to beat him.

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Swordburst 3 Pathos The Fire Lord Boss Guide

In this guide, we’ll cover Pathos’ location, his moveset, and the rewards you can gain by defeating him.

Where To Find Pathos

Pathos is located at the very end of Floor 2, Redveil Valley. Initially, the door leading to him is sealed. In order to open it, you’ll need to complete the Quest titled The Fire Lord. This is given out by the NPC Serathen, who you’ll find standing next to the sealed door, and requires you to defeat 20 Hell Hound enemies. Once you’ve finished this tricky task, chat to Serathen to unseal the door, and get some nice XP and Vel to boot.

Moveset And Stats

With the way to the Fire Lord open, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. Pathos is a level 45 Boss, meaning he sits right at the current level cap for the game. He has a base HP stat of 320,955, but this figure can go higher if you decide to take him on with multiple players. In addition to this eye-watering health pool, Pathos has access to the following moves:

Move NameEffect
Summon ImpsPathos summons Fire Imp and Skeletal Imp enemies to aid him in the battle. The number of Imps summoned this way increases if more players are present. Try and control their numbers with AOE attacks to avoid being overwhelmed.
Deadly SpinPathos starts spinning rapidly as he moves around, dealing big damage to anything caught in his path. Simply running away from Pthos should let you avoid this one.
Twin SlashesPathos performs two basic melee attacks, hitting the area directly in front of him. Move round the back of the Boss to avoid this attack and sneak some hits in.
Katana PiercePathos leans back and performs a thrust attack with his two katanas, hitting a long stretch in front of him. Move to the side to avoid this attack and keep the pressure on.
Cross SlamPathos leans back and delivers an X-shaped attack in front of him. Stick behind Pathos to avoid this attack.

Drops And Rewards

After finally conquering the Fire Lord, you can enjoy the spoils of war. Pathos gives you around 1,000 Experience and 1,800 Vel guaranteed each time you beat him. He also has the chance to drop any, or all, of the following items:

Item NameDrop Chance
Pure Ruby50%
Infernal Armor5%
Divine Inferno1%
Infernal Claymore1%
Infernal Edge1%
Royal Edge1%

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