What Do The Swordburst 3 Portals Do? – Tons OF Free EXP!

The image shows my avatar in bulky brown armour donning a sword in the grass lands infested with wolves. To the left is a png addition of what a portal looks like in game

Unsure what the Swordburst 3 Portals do? My guide tells you everything you need to know! From how to find the portals, to what you can expect on the other side of these mysterious challenges.

Swordburst 3 combines the previous two entries of this game into something new and far more exciting. Enchanted with a fresh look, this Roblox RPG is packed full of quests, bosses, loot and magical places to explore. Plus, there are even adorable and unnerving mounts to collect and care for, what’s not to enjoy?

Check out Swordburst 3 over on Roblox. We also have a complete Swordburst 3 Mounts guide and a Swordburst 3 Tier List.

Swordburst 3 Portals

Portals are a random spawning challenge that appears around mob-designated areas. The further you can progress within the portal challenges will dictate the amount of EXP earned. Portals are designed to be quick-burst ways to earn EXP in a timed game mode.

You can identify portals by their pink rotating circular aura. When you approach a Portal, you’ll have an interactive prompt which then begins the countdown to the Portal game mode. Depending on which region you find the portal initially will depend on what the mobs inside the Portal will be. For example, a portal found in the Tortoise area will be the Tortoise Portal challenge.

Portals are a 10-mob wave defence with a 60-second timer. Killing each mob within a portal within the time limit will generate a hearty sum of EXP as a reward to the player.

What Are The Portal Rewards?

The portal rewards and difficulty will differ depending on the floor you’re playing on so be sure you’re well-equipped and at a high enough level to tackle the challenge before jumping in!

Floor 1 Rewards

  • Razor Boar – 250 EXP per portal
  • Tortoise – 350 EXP per portal
  • Wolf – 500 EXP per portal
  • Brown Bear – 650 EXP per portal
  • Rock Golem – 650 EXP per portal
  • Crystal Boar – 850 EXP per portal
  • Thunder Sakura Moose – 925 EXP per portal
  • Soldier Boar – 1000 EXP per portal
  • Basilisk – 1025 EXP per portal

Floor 2 Rewards

  • Fire Wasp – 1050 EXP per portal
  • Ember Jaguar – 1050 EXP per portal
  • Lava Basilisk – 1075 EXP per portal
  • Skeleton Bear – 1100 EXP per portal
  • Fiery Moose – 1100 EXP per portal
  • Magma Golem – 1120 EXP per portal
  • Phoenix – 1170 EXP per portal
  • Fire Imp – 1150 EXP per portal
  • Hell Hound – 1150 EXP per portal

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