Swordburst 3 Shops Guide – Locations, Stock, And More!

A character from Roblox game Swordburst 3 standing in front of the Blacksmith Shop.

Even in a combat-focused game like Swordburst 3, knowledge is power. And in this, our Swordburst 3 Shops guide, we’ll grant you the knowledge necessary to track down the best bargains possible.

Swordburst 3 is a high-quality Action RPG on the Roblox platform. Drawing heavily from the world of Sword Art Online, it lets you build up a character from novice fighter to master swordsman, taking on quests and enemies along the way. Even master swordsmen need a bit of retail therapy every now and then, however. In our Swordburst 3 Shops guide, we’ll help you get some.

Swordburst 3 is available to play on Roblox right now. For more on the game, check out our guide on how to get Auras in Swordburst 3.

Swordburst 3 Shops Guide

The following is a complete list of all the Shops in Swordburst 3, their locations, and their inventories.

Blacksmith Shop

The Blacksmith Shop is located in New Arcadia. From the Teleport Circle, head north-east to find it.

Orange Armor400 Vel
Bronze Blade300 Vel
Skyprince500 Vel
Royal Blade700 Vel
Bronze Greatsword300 Vel
Advocate700 Vel

Merchant Shop

You can find the Merchant Shop by heading right after the first cave in Gemstone Woodlands.

Orange Armor400 Vel
Bronze Blade300 Vel
Skyprince500 Vel
Royal Blade700 Vel
Steel Greatsword200 Vel
Bronze Greatsword300 Vel
Forged Greatsword500 Vel
Advocate700 Vel

Bear Camp Shop

The Bear Camp Shop is located right next to the Huntress Lyra NPC in the Gemstone Woodlands.

Padded Armor800 Vel
Mega Slab900 Vel

Blossom’s Shop

You’ll find Blossom’s Shop just past the crystal caves in the Gemstone Woodlands, at the start of the cherry blossom area.

River Armor1300 Vel
Cave Armor1700 Vel
Shell Blade1700 Vel
Leaf’s Edge1400 Vel
Prisma Prism1400 Vel
Cherry Blossom1800 Vel

Jersey’s Shop

Jersey’s Shop is located just down the road from the Teleport Pad in Redveil Valley.

Steel Katana2400 Vel
Master Katana2800 Vel
Grand Claymore2600 Vel
Jeweled Longsword2400 Vel
Violet Robes2400 Vel
Gilded Armor2800 Vel

Tyler’s Shop

You’ll find Tyler’s Shop just past the caves where Skeleton Bears lurk in Redveil Valley.

Heroic Armor3600 Vel
Sun Blade3000 Vel
Holy Longsword2900 Vel
Mithril Longsword3600 Vel
Twilight Greatsword3500 Vel
Jagged Edge3700 Vel

Yenn’s Shop

Yenn’s Shop is located past Tyler’s Shop, near where the Magma Golem spawns in Redveil Valley.

Brimstone Armor4000 Vel
Crimson Fury4000 Vel
Mystic Greatsword4200 Vel
Jade Blade4300 Vel

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