Tales of Dragon Classes – What’s the Best Class?

Tales of Dragon official artwork.

Not sure which of the Tales of Dragon classes is best? That’s what we aim to help you with in this guide. Here, we’ll list all of the classes that you can pick and help you decide what the Tales of Dragon best class is. We’ll keep it updated alongside any new class introductions too, so we recommend bookmarking this page and checking back soon.

Tales of Dragon is a mobile MMORPG in which you party up with friends to explore a wide open world full of dragons. There are pets to collect and customise, tons of events to participate in, and loads of outfits that customise your character’s appearance.

You can check out Tales of Dragon on Google Play. We’ve also put together a list of Tales of Dragon codes and a Tales of Dragon tier list.

Tales of Dragon Classes

Before we determine which the best is, here’s a list of the Tales of Dragon classes.


The Warrior focuses on dealing out physical damage at close range. It’s the ideal class for those that like tanks, but its ability to deal damage is also pretty solid.


The Archer is a fantastic damage dealer who can keep danger at a distance. If you prefer to stay back from the conflict but deal solid damage, this is the class for you.


The Priest is a great all-rounder class that can not only boost the abilities of their allies, but also support them with heals. Having said that, it can also dish the damage, just not quite as much as other classes.


The Mage is a master of AoE DPS, dealing damage from a safe distance, much like the archer, but making short work of crowds.

What’s the Tales of Dragon Best Class?

This is where it gets a little subjective, as the best class is kind of up to you. Here’s how we break down the role of each class:

  • Warrior: Tank
  • Archer: Single-target DPS
  • Priest: Support
  • Mage: AoE DPS

As such, all fulfil a slightly different role within a party. The Warrior absorbs damage, the Archer makes short work of bosses, and the Mage will take care of groups. Meanwhile, the Priest boosts the damage of the party and heals them.

So, if you have a preferred role, we recommend checking out the class that fulfils it. If you don’t, then we’d recommend playing as the Warrior. This is a great beginner class that has great survivability while still managing to deal solid damage.

Alternatively, we’d recommend the Mage. This class will likely have some of the best DPS abilities in the game – not to mention its ability to tackle multiple foes at once.

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