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When you reach level 48 in Tales of Wind you can start work upgrading your character to their second class.

For the most part, this pushes your character into a specific role, like support specialist, tank, or damage dealer.

There are hybrids though, so you don’t have to worry about being pigeonholed down a specific path.

In this guide, we’re going to detail the process of promotion, and include a rundown of each of the classes.

Tales of Wind (Laplace M) – Class Promotion Paths:

Below, we’re going to detail all of the class promotion paths in Tales of Wind.


Promotion:Specialities:Weapon:Skill 1:Skill 2:Skill 3:
PaladinHigh Defense, Holy Shield, and TankSword & ShieldHoly Strike:Summons a beam of light that deals damage to nearby enemies, stunning them. Grants the caster sustained damage reduction effect.Enhanced Protection of Light:Light shines upon the caster, pulling nearby enemies towards them. Heals the caster who becomes invincible temporarily.Savage Jump: Leaps high into the air then delivers a devastating strike to the enemies within range upon landing, causing them stunned.
BerserkerLife Steal, Damage, and High DefenseGreatswordSword Strike:Crushes the ground with the greatsword to cause a shockwave that deals damage to enemies within the target area. The caster is significantly healed based on the damage this ability caused.Enhanced Rage Burst: Deals great damage to nearby enemies. Significantly increases the damage dealt by the caster while raising the caster’s resistance to negative status.Bladestorm: Wields the greatsword into a storm of destructive force, dealing great damage to enemies within range.


Promotion:Specialities:Weapon:Skill 1:Skill 2:Skill 3:
PyromancerHigh Attack, Fire Damage, SustainabilityPistolFirebird:Summons a Firebird that soars across the battlefield instantly, dealing great damage to enemies caught in its path.Enhanced Fire Storm:A burst of flame that deals instant damage to up to six targets, causing them stunned.Frostbird:Summons an Icebird that flies across the battlefield, dealing great damage to enemies caught in its path.
FrostweaverHigh Attack, Ice Damage, Crowd ControlStaffIce Ward:Summons an Ice Ward that deals great damage to up to 6 targets and freezes them for 3 sec.Enhanced Blink: Dashes forward in a gust of howling wind, dealing damage to nearby enemies and having them frozen. Removes all crowd control effects on the caster and recovers HP.Ice Storm:Summon a blizzard for a certain period, dealing continuous damage and speed reduction on enemies in the circle are ahead. Also has a chance of causing the Frozen effect.


Promotion:Specialities:Weapon:Skill 1:Skill 2:Skill 3:
PriestHoly, Healing, and ReviveStaffBathe in Light: Light beams shoot down from the heaven, granting nearby allies invincibility for 3 sec while restoring a significant amount of HP for them.Enhanced Nature’s Prayer: Call forth the power of nature to instantly heal multiple friendly targets for a great amount of HP, dispelling negative status from them.Song of the Forest: Song of the Forest heals nearby friendly targets over time.
RangerDamage, Healing, and CurseBowFairy Arrow:Awakens the potential power to fire at enemies, dealing damage multiple times to enemies in a line.Enhanced Song of the Forest: Song of the Forest heals nearby friendly targets over time and increases the damage dealt by them.Praise of Blossom:Summons a gigantic fairy flower that deals great damage to enemies within the range.


Promotion:Specialities:Weapon:Skill 1:Skill 2:Skill 3:
AsuraDamage, Crowd Control, CritDual BladesDescending Asura:Consume 5 combo points to summon an Asura that deals great damage to enemies within range. This skill has a 50% chance to critically strike.Enhanced Shadow Strike: Stuns and deals damage to nearby enemies swiftly. Deals greatly increased damage and generates a combo point when used while invisible.Blade Assault:Becomes a darting blade that travels across the battlefield and delivers a devastating attack after reaching behind the target.
NinjaStealth, Crowd Control, and SummoningDual KnivesShadowed Soul: Deals damage to enemies within the range and generates a combo point. Paralyzes enemies for 2 sec if used while invisible.Enhanced Void Phantom:Becomes invisible with increased Crit Rate and generates a combo point.Cross Cleave:Consumes 3 combo points to wield two sharp blades, dealing great damage to nearby enemies and greatly increasing the caster’s Dodge Rate temporarily.

How to Get Promoted:

As soon as you hit level 48, head on over to the Kingdom page and hit the new ‘Promotion’ option. This will initiate a series of simple quests that allow you to test out the two new promotion paths ahead of you.

Once completed, you’ll have to reach level 50 to actually get promoted though – and there’s another catch. You need to have spent 50 skill points.

You can earn all skill points from levelling alone, but you’ll be close to 60 before you achieve promotion if you choose this path. Instead, you should redeem your experience for skill points.

You can do this from the skills page itself. Simply hit redeem and you can trade experience for new skill points. This is expensive though – both in experience and currency, and you’ll have to redeem about six skill points. Bear that in mind.

Once you’ve redeemed them and spent them on skills, you can promote yourself to your second class. Have fun!

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