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Tales of Wind (Laplace M) guide: Tips for beginners

Tales of Wind Android

Tales of Wind is a brand new autoplay MMORPG that we were quite taken with at review.

It features tons of team-based content, an intriguing class system, and action-packed combat.

In this guide, we’re going to help beginners get acquainted with the game by providing a bunch of tips.

Tales of Wind Android

Tales of Wind beginner’s tips:

  • Rule the Kingdom: You’ll spend the vast majority of your time in Tales of Wind battling through the Kingdom content. This is primarily team-focused content that rewards you with heaps of XP, gear, and various other rewards. Do everything possible daily.
  • Gear up: Complete the daily Kingdom quests and you’ll get plenty of new gear that will grow your power. Whenever you get new gear that’s not quite as good as your old gear though, we recommend disassembling it. This will provide you with materials to reforge your current gear, improving its power.
  • With great power: You’ll unlock new content to play steadily, provided you keep on increasing your BR. We recommend making this a priority. While getting new equipment is absolutely worthwhile, we also strongly suggest enhancing and reforging current material to keep that BR metre climbing.
Tales of Wind Android
  • Tidy inventory: It’s worth taking a glance in your inventory every once in a while, as you’ll regularly pick up new items that you weren’t aware were of the use of. This includes Fame Badges, Fairy Music Boxes, Treasure Maps, and more. Tap on stuff to see what it does.
  • Train hard: Last but not least, we strongly recommend redeeming your XP every few levels to unlock new skill points. Not only will this give you a serious boost in power, it will also hold you in good stead for getting promoted as soon as you hit level 50.

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