The Demon King Walkthrough

The Demon King Walkthrough

This is the official walkthrough for the 3D shooter game Demon King for Android by 3D Studio. This game is only supported on the Droid.

First thing you wanna do is read the book on the pedestal in front of you (using impulse 12) and read and hit impulse 12 again… then you go to your left and get the ammo though the door, then jump though the slipgate.

You have just entered the town level…

The first requirement that the player must do is find a piece of paper laying on the ground.

It can be found near a bunch of small buildings in the dark corner of the town, between the two 2 level buildings. It is highlighted by a spot light and is white in color.

The message says to find the blacksmith’s shop, look for a green button on the floor and hit it (shoot it) this opens up a secret panel in the floor of the blacksmith’s, with a key inside which opens the door with the bright flashing light behind it. (in the town level)

The key in the room with the flashing light opens up the church door.

Once you enter the church you must get the gold key in the room near the alter, and then go in the other room, downstairs, though the door, and down the hole in the ground into the well. Be sure and get the mega health, cause you may need a little time to drown while finding the key (there isn’t any light).

This key opens the cemetery.

Go back to town and into the cemetery. look for a note on the ground. The note on the ground says to go to the farm to find out how to get to the wizards tower.

The book at the farm is laying on the table near the two chairs on the patio.

The way to the wizards tower is VERY complicated. You first must head to the church level. Then face the front of the church. Then look to the right of the center of the church and you will see some big rocks that you can jump up. Jump up them heading away from the church. You have to jump on the low rock, then jump on the rock to your left as your facing away from the church, head up the rock then it turns to the left then back to the right, then into a big valley. Cross the valley back into the forest level.

To cross the bridge walk off to the right of where the bridge ACTUALLY is and you will float across in mid air. To find the tower, you must walk through the illusionary mountain wall just on the other side of the bridge (to the left) the answer to the first part of the puzzle is tube 2. (ie. go in tube 2)

The answer to the second part of the first puzzle is to turn to your left, look for a crooked wall, shoot it, jump through.

The answer to the second puzzle is 231. (ie. go through the center door, then the right door, and then the far left door.)

Avoid all the shamblers (by walking straight through the center of the room), if there are some facing directly toward the exit, you went through the wrong doors. go through door, door-left, left, left, door-left, right right, right, door-right, right, left, left, right, right, left wall…. (don’t trust these directions as I did it from memory) get the key by going up the platform in the wizards little book store.

The key in the wizards room opens up the tomb door. head back to the cemetery and open the big tomb… get the key

The key in the tomb opens the castle.

Go in the castle through the front door…. search out the silver key in the guard tower on the left (as your facing the front of the castle)

Open the silver door near the throne room. jump out the window into the moat.

The gold key can now be found in the moat.

If you were looking down at the castle from above, and the front of the castle was down, the gold key would be in the upper left corner of the moat.

The gold key opens the door above the throne.

Go into the bedroom, which will open the door on the middle level in the back of the castle

Kill the shambler and head out the back door. into the demon kings dungeon or whatever it is

Push the two buttons too open the dungeon door

Shoot the 4 rune buttons surrounding the big door

Go left, and jump on the platforms. (if you hit the big button (ie the floor) you get squashed.) you must push the rune in the corner of the room.

Walk down the other passageway, kill the monsters and don’t forget to push the button in that room (I always forget this one)

Walk up the steps in the next room and push the button

Go downstairs and get the key in the next room.

Open the door into the next room, go up the steps, open the door, push the button on the right, which opens a door on the left, go through door and push the gold key button which opens the doors outside, go in that room get the quad and push the button.

Turn around a run back to the “BIG” door with the four runes around it… when it opens kill the shambler and the throne will move outta the way, and exit into the demon kings lair.

Kill the demon king (a tough task ) take me several trys on hard mode.jump down the big hole.hid behind the pillars in the 2’nd castle level and shoot the wizard till he dies..wait around for less than 30 seconds

Head through the big teleporter.

The final level is you going back home.

Game Tip: You can access any of the maps below by typing it’s name in the Demon console: map NAME where NAME is one of: church, forest, farm, town, castle, cemetery.

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