Torchlight Infinite Tier List: Best Characters To Use

You’re looking for a Torchlight Infinite tier list, eh? Well, we’ve got the exact thing you’re looking for right here! This list will help you to become the best of the best in this mobile and PC action RPG. 

In this tier list, you’ll be able to see which characters are the best to use. We’ve put each of the game’s six characters into tiers that judge their usefulness. If you want the best loadout possible, you’ll want to use the best character. 

In this list, characters are ranked from S to B. This is simply because there are only six characters in the game at the time being. When worse characters are added, there will certainly be even more tiers. 

Furthermore, there are more ways to get ahead in this game. If you check out our best Torchlight Infinite codes list as well, you’ll be able to get lots of goodies to help you out! 

Torchlight Infinite Tier S characters

These characters are the best of the best characters in this action RPG. In the entirety of the Torchlight Infinite tier list, these characters are by far the most powerful. If you want to be the best, you’ll need these on your side. 

  • Moto
  • Erika
  • Iris
  • Rosa

A Tier Characters 

While not as powerful as S Tier characters, A Tier characters are still powerful. As S Tier characters can be hard to nab, you’ll want to get A Tier characters on your team. With that in mind, check out this tier below. 

  • Rehan
  • Carino
  • Gemma
  • Bing

B Tier Characters

In the Torchlight Infinite tier list, B Tier characters are the worst characters in the game. Surprisingly, that doesn’t mean that these characters are unusable. Instead, these characters are still very usable, despite being the worst. 

Check out the characters below: 

  • Youga 
  • Thea
  • Oracle

How to start over

If you want to restart Torchlight Infinite for some reason, we can help with that. To completely redo everything, follow this guide right here! 

  • Uninstall the game
  • Reinstall Torchlight Infinite
  • Do not sign in with your Google account
  • Your game should be reset

If we’ve missed anything, be sure to tell us in the comments below.

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