Type Soul Eyes Guide – Do You Have Rare Eyes?

Feature image for our Type Soul eyes guide. It shows a close-up of a Quincy character, with glowing turquoise eyes.

What’s up with Type Soul eyes right now? Is your character looking weirdly different all of a sudden? We’re here to give you an explanation and introduce you to the world of the game’s new cosmetics.

Type Soul is free to play now over on Roblox. Want some more about the game? Try our Type Soul clans guide, and our Type Soul grades guide.

Type Soul Eyes Guide

The Eyes have it.

About Eyes In Type Soul

So what are eyes all about? Well, they’re a new addition to the game as of a recent update. Characters get different facial features at random, with different rarities. The faces of existing characters all got new features with the update, so are you now the owner of a very unusual face? Read on and you’ll soon have a better idea.

Common Eyes

Most characters get common eye types. Which group you get is determined on whether you picked the male or female model when you started the file.

There are eleven common eye types for the female character variant.
There are seventeen common eye types for the male character variant.

These common eye types don’t have specific names, though you might recognize a few of them from some other series.

Rare Eyes

Rare Eyes are eyes with a 10% chance of appearing. They are listed below.

  • Almighty Eyes – These have multiple irises and pupils.
  • Old Hoshino Eyes – These have distinct star-shaped shine marks.

Legendary Eyes

Legendary Eyes have only a 3% chance of appearing on a character’s face. We’ve detailed a little about them.

  • Akaza Eyes – Rough erratic edge around pupil and iris.
  • Anos Eyes – Eyes with complex white markings.
  • Benimaru Eyes – One iris is covered with an X mark.
  • Ciel Eyes – Iris creates an inverted pentagram.
  • Feng Eyes – Iris is dakr with a colored star.
  • Hoschino Idol Eyes – Mottled iris with star-shaped mark.
  • Hu Tao Eyes- Flower-petal shaped shine mark and wavy shapes.
  • Herrscher Of Void Eyes – A pupil resembling a crosshair.
  • Hollow Eyes – An eruption of multiple eyes on one side.
  • King Brandley’s Eyes – One eye has an alchemical symbol.
  • Kokushibo Eyes – Four eyes with red sclera.
  • Kurumi Eyes – One Eye is a clock.
  • Lelouch Eyes – Horned shape as a shine mark.
  • Makima Eyes – Concentric circle on iris with a small pupil.

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