Type Soul Grade – How to Rank Up

a greenhouse in Type Soul.

Increasing your Type Soul grade is an important step in your path of progression in this Roblox RPG. Not only does it unlock a ton of new content to experience, but it’s also one of the requirements to getting your Schrift. As such, it’s only natural that you’re seeking the best methods to increase your grade. Fortunately, we can help with that. In this guide, we’re going to list all of the methods that you can currently use to increase your grade.

Type Soul is a Roblox RPG that draws inspiration from the hit anime series, Bleach. You play as a Quincy, Soul Reaper, or Hollow, and have to battle enemies to improve your power. There’s a wealth of content on offer, including PVE, PVP, quests, and group content. If you like Roblox and Bleach, then you’ll absolutely love Type Soul.

You can check out Type Soul on Roblox via Google Play. We’ve also got more guides, including a Type Soul arrancar weapon tier list, what does a blue pill do in Type Soul?, and Type Soul clan tier list.

What’s Type Soul Grade?

Grade is a form of progression in Type Soul. Much like levelling, it provides you with a wealth of new content to power through the higher your grade. Unlike levelling, though, the route of progression is very unclear. You can’t simply go out and whack enemies to gain XP, alas.

How do I Increase My Grade?

There are various different methods that you can perform to increase your rank in Type Soul, including:

  • Missions: Missions can provide you with various rewards, including grade XP!
  • Division Missions: These are an even more lucrative form of mission that will provide even more grade XP
  • Hollow Minigame: This is the absolute best method in farming grade XP. Follow the steps below to unlock the minigame.

How do I Unlock the Division 12 Hollow Minigame?

Follow these steps to unlock the hollow minigame in Division 12:

  1. Join Division 12
  2. Interact with the Division Duty board
  3. Accept the Hollow Minigame quest
  4. Complete the quest to beat the minigame

And that’s it! All you need to know to increase your grade in Type Soul.

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