Type Soul Hakuda Guide

Feature image for our Type Soul Hakuda guide. It shows an Arrancar stood in a dark room.

Want fists of fury? Well, then the Type Soul Hakuda skill tree is the one for you. If you’re ready to forego the sword, then our guide will tell you everything that you need to know.

Type Soul is out now on Roblox. If you want the reverse, try our Type Soul Kendo guide for the sword side of the coin.

Type Soul Hakuda Guide

First we’ll explain Kendo, then cover the skill tree.

About Hakuda

Hakuda is the fist skill tree in Type Soul. You can access it via your menu, it’s the pink skill tree on the left when you open the menu.

Hakuda unarmed is the counterpart of Kendo, the sword style. Learning Hakuda locks you out of Kendo, but it might be worthwhile.

Hakuda Skill List

Here are each of the Hakuda skills you can equip, what they do, and how many points you need into the Hakuda skill tree to unlock them.

  • Hakuda Style
    • Unlocks Hakuda, disables Kendo.
  • Duelist’s Dance
    • Hakuda 1
    • Opponents holding S are slowed upon hit.
  • Rising Shot
    • Hakuda 2
    • Kick up opponents in front of you to initiate air combos. Landing a crit will resent cooldown.
  • Grand Entrance
    • Hakuda 8
    • Ground – Leap into the sky and land at cursor position.
    • Air – Drop kick all opponents in front of you downward, forcing them away.
  • Whirlwind Step
    • Hakuda 12
    • Speed 3
    • Long-range fast spin kick.
  • Pulse
    • Hakuda 18
    • Gather Reiatsu within your palm and release it. Restores Reiatsu on positive hit and maintains air time.
  • Catching Dragon
    • Hakuda 20
    • Twirl your opponent’s head around your foot and throw them upwards.
  • Ankle Splitter
    • Hakuda 22
    • Fracture an opponent’s ankles with an underhanded low kick. Slow them for ten seconds while disabling flashstep.
  • Triple Striker
    • Hakuda 28
    • Release three consecutive punches to swiftly take down an opponent. Maintains airtime.
  • Demonic Embrace
    • Hakuda 30
    • AOE Shout, stuns opponents.
  • Absolute Defense
    • Hakuda 30
    • Hold to enter a defense stance and tank all attacks for up to 2.5 seconds.
  • Negation
    • Hakuda 30
    • Ground – Convent one attack into an auto-tracking Reiatsu ball.
    • Air – Perform a true aerial combo.
  • Pantera Combo
    • Hakuda 35
    • Unleash an unstoppable flurry of panther-like swipes. Maintains airtime.
  • Tora Reach
    • Hakuda 40
    • Ground – Pounce onto enemies then follow up with a rising kick.
    • Air – Isolate your opponent and extend an air combo.
  • Flying Dragon
    • Hakuda 33
    • Speed 8
    • Ground – Catch opponents hit by Catching Dragon by resuing Catching Dragon.
    • Air – Grab the nearest opponent and slam them down.
  • Spine Rend
    • Hakuda 50
    • Lunge forward and force an opponent down. Cripples and shatters Hyperarmor.

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