Type Soul Phoenix Segunda Guide

Feature image for our Type Soul Phoenix Segunda guide showing an up close of an arrancar player with greyish yellow hair as she stands emotionless before some plants bearing different fruits

This Type Soul Phoenix Segunda Guide tells you how to get this Segunda, what a Segunda is and the movesets from this new ability.

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Type Soul Phoenix Segunda Guide

To begin, the Segunda is a pathway carved for only those in the Hollow lineage. If you selected Soul Reaper or Quincy, this guide will not offer much. Becoming a Segunda isn’t easy work and requires a Hollow player to not only reach Arrancar status but also become a Vasto Lorde and have access to their partial and full resurrection.

Once all these requirements are met, head to Menos Forest, located through a small pit in Hueco Mundo and enter a cave nestled in the cliff walls. Within this cave is a black orb that offers a quest in return for Segunda:

  • Defeat 35 players in battle who qualify with the following:
    • Have Bankai, Vollstandig or Full Res unlocked
    • Be using their Bankai, Vollstandig or Full Res form during combat

Phoenix Segunda Moveset

Let’s get into its attacks!

Sol Blossom – This move performs a grip on an opponent before a blast deals close-range explosive damage. Sol Blossom deals a full bar’s worth of damage, ouch!

Cinderbolt – This move deals half a bar of damage on average. When performed, the user lunges into the air and crashes down onto the opponent with a floor of fire circling the attack in an AoE.

Rebellion – During this move, the user leaps into the air before crashing down with explosive fire dealing impact and AoE damage.

Reign – A grip and slam move which deals almost an entire bar of damage on top of a burn linger.

Overclock – A rapid-fire move that shoots a projectile at an opponent. Also deals some knockback and burn damage to the target.

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