Type Soul Quincy Guide

Feature image for our Type Soul Quincy guide. It shows an in-game screen with a statue holding a sword in some cold, snowy, castle ruins.

Want to fight hollows in Type Soul but not interested in the Shinigami route? Well, we can help! Our Type Soul Quincy guide shows you how to follow the path of these spiritually gifted if rather heavy-handed human fighters.

TYPE://SOUL is a Roblox game based on the hit anime and manga series, Bleach. Become a magically gifted Soul Reaper, a monstrous Hollow, or a courageous Quincy, and battle it out with some techniques from the series.

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Type Soul Quincy Guide

Here we’ll try and cover any burning questions you might have.

About Quincies

Quincies are humans with an innate spiritual sensitivity that lets them see the spirits of the dead, as well as Hollows and Shinigami. Most Quincies were wiped out by the Shinigami many years before, after their attempts to destroy all Hollows created an imbalance in the world. A few still remain however, and you can become one, if you choose.

Becoming A Quincy

Becoming a Quincy in TYPE://SOUL is actually pretty simple.

  • First, spawn into the game with a fresh character.
  • Make your way along the border of the town, the cliffside areas, until you see a tunnel with blue and white ice-like floor just visible on the edge of the darkness. This may appear at random times, so if you can’t find it, keep trying.
  • Make your way through the tunnel to a snowy castle area.
  • Follow the large path through the area until you see a statue holding a sword.
  • Interact with the statue and select ‘I wish to worship.’ from the dialogue options.
  • Keep in mind that this choice is not reversible and will permanently lock you out of the other progression types, so choose wisely!

About Type Soul

TYPE://SOUL is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It’s an action game inspired by Bleach where death is only the beginning. Become a Shinigami, Hollow, Qincy, or Arrancar and see which clan you draw. There’s an open world to wander around in, quests and missions to do, and heaps of PVP with an advanced fighting system.

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