Type Soul Quincy Weapons Guide

Feature image for our Type Soul Quincy weapons guide. It shows a Quincy player character with a Schwert weapon drawn.

Soul Reapers might have their fancy talking swords, but who needs weapons with souls when you’ve got a gun? Type Soul Quincy weapons get pretty wild. In our guide we’re here to talk about all the ones in the game so far, and how to switch up your own.

Type Soul is out now on Roblox.

Type Soul Quincy Weapons Guide

First we’ll go over the weapons themselves, then discuss how you can switch up your weapon for another.

Common Quincy Weapons

The vast majority of Quincy weapon rolls will net you one of these.


  • A large glowing sword with a guard and hilt that resembles a celtic cross.
  • Critical: A forward strike that hits multiple times.

Cang Du Claws

  • Four-pronged claws mounted on fists. Usable with the Hakuda skill tree.
  • Critical: Strikes that stun the target, and this scales on your Hakuda level.


  • A shield and sword combo. Passive Balance from successful hits.
  • Critical: Fires a blue projectile from the shield.


  • A single-edged rapier with a gold guard.
  • Critical: Fires a projectile that locks an enemy’s arms on a successful hit, preventing M1 attacks for a short period.

Quincy Cutlass

  • A curved single-edged sword with two points at the end.
  • Critical: A spinning leap forward with melee strikes. Deal partial True Damage.


  • A glowing energy sword.
  • Critical: Fires a special red projectile from the Quincy Bow.

Legendary Quincy Weapons

You have only a 3% chance of rolling one of these. So it’s a 1% chance for each weapon on a reroll.


  • You read right, it’s literally a glock. Fires projectiles as an M1.
  • Critical: Fires off three shots in quick succession. Usable on the ground or in the air.


  • A glowing longsword with a dark-colored crossguard.
  • Critical: A dash that passes straight through target and to the other side, while hitting multiple times.

Warden Gauntlets

  • Metal chains around under’s wrists and ankles, with metal plates on their fists, usable with Hakuda.
  • Critical: A hit wraps a chain around a target, allowing you to pull them back towards you if they try to dodge away.

How To Get A New Quincy Weapon

To get a new weapon, you need to use a Spirit Box. You can get these from winning Raids, or buy them from the KT Raid shop. If you want a more detailed explanation, try out Type Soul Spirit Box guide.

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