Type Soul Schrift Guide – Requirements and Schrift List

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My Type Soul Schrift Guide tells you how to earn your Schrift ability and what each ability is with rankings. Be warned, you’ll have to put your existing skills to the test and survive a few challenges without fail to unlock your Schrift.

Schrift is a subsection of the Quincy faction development. That means if you chose a different starting race, you’re in the wrong place! Unless you’re interested in learning more about your foes, then hang about. I appreciate the company.

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Type Soul Schrift Guide

Schrifts are an elemental power that Quincy races can utilize in combat. This power isn’t a birthright, however, and you’ll have to earn it to use it.

You’ll first have to progress through the game ranks until you reach Grade 2. Complete this by visiting Mission Boards and tackling quests to earn EXP. Once you’re Grade 2, chat with the Balance NPC who roams around Wanden. Once you’ve interacted with her you need to head back to the Statue which turned you into a Quincy.

After this, you’ll have a few quests to complete in no particular order before heading back to the Quincy Statue to gain your Schrift ability.

  • Kill 15 Fishbones (NPC or Player)
  • Kill 5 Menos (NPC or player)
  • Kill 3 Adjuchas (NPC or Player)
  • Grip 5 Arrancar Players
  • Grip 5 Shinigami Players

Top Tip: Try not to die! If you do, your progress for these quests will be undone and you’ll have to restart the grind.

Quincy Schrift List

Onto the Schrift power list, including rarity!

  • Miracle – Legendary (3% roll rate)
  • Fear – Legendary (3% roll rate)
  • Thunderbolt – Rare (10% roll rate)
  • Heat – Common (87% roll rate)
  • Wind – Common (87% roll rate)

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