Type Soul Vasto Lorde Guide – Climb The Hollow Food Chain!

A character from Roblox game Type Soul standing by a river.

Progression for a Hollow in Type Soul is a difficult, savage endeavour. In this guide, I’ll show you how to become a Vasto Lorde in Type Soul: One of the most powerful forms you can take.

Type Soul is a Roblox RPG inspired by the popular anime series Bleach. It’s surprisingly complex, with many mechanics and systems that draw directly from the series’ convoluted lore. One such system is the progression path for Hollow characters, which involved slowly working your way up a line of stronger and stronger creatures. Read on to learn how to tame the greatest of them.

You can dive into Type Soul via Roblox right now. For more on the game, check out our Type Soul Partial Res guide and our Type Soul Hogyoku Fragment guide.

How To Get Vasto Lorde In Type Soul

#in this guide, I’ll walk you through the process of getting Vasto Lorde for your character. This is exclusive to Hollow/Arrancar characters, so Soul Reapers and Quincys need not apply! If you started as one of these two but want to give the Hollow life a spin instead, then check out our Type Soul Soul Ticket guide for help.

What Is Vasto Lorde?

Vasto Lorde is a form you can take when playing as an Arrancar/Hollow. It’s one of the most powerful options available, and as such is also very difficult to obtain. If you don’t have this guide to help you, that is.

How To Get Vasto Lorde

To become a Vasto Lorde, you’ll need to travel to Hueco Mundo and complete the following steps.

Step 1 – Become A Menos

Menos are the towering black figures you’ll see wandering in Hueco Mundo. If you defeat an NPC Menos, it will leave behind a corpse. Eat this corpse with B to become a Menos yourself. Note that player-controlled Menos will not drop corpses this way.

Step 2 – Become An Adjuchas

Next, you’ll need to defeat a Menos with your Menos Skill equipped to advance to the next stage. You can only do this in the Menos Forest, an area full of wandering Menos you can access by dropping down a pit. Land the last hit on a Menos here as a Menos yourself, and you’ll ascend to Adjuchas status.

Step 3 – Become A Vasto Lorde

Now for the final stage. As an Adjuchas, you’ll need to defeat other Adjuchas in Hueco Mundo to accumulate a new resource called Mask Cracks. Each NPC Adjuchas you kill in Adjuchas form gives you 2, and you need 25 in total to proceed.

Once you have 25, you’ll start seeing text messages and coloured lines appearing on screen. Follow the lines, and they’ll guide you to a boss fight with a Vasto Lorde. This is a difficult opponent with a lot of health, but just persevere and you’ll get there in the end. Once you do, you’ll become a Vasto Lorde yourself!

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