How to Get Goku in Undertale Test Place Reborn

Undertale Test Place Reborn official artwork.

Not sure how to get Goku in Undertale Test Place Reborn? Well, fortunately for you we’ve put together this very guide that details the steps you need to take to unlock this Dragon Ball Z character. Fortunately, it’s not particularly challenging, and shouldn’t take you long till you’re playing as your favourite character.

For those unaware, Undertale Test Place Reborn is a Roblox RPG that sees you collecting your favourite characters from a variety of different franchises. You then explore a world, battling to increase your power and unlocking new skins to customise your appearance.

You can grab Undertale Test Place Reborn on Roblox via Google Play. We also recommend grabbing the Undertale Test Place Reborn codes to help you get started.

How to Get Goku in Undertale Test Place Reborn

Been playing Undertale Test Place Reborn and wondering how to unlock the character Goku? Well, here are the full instructions to do just that:

  • Launch Undertale Test Place Reborn
  • In a public server, kill five players
  • This will unlock the ‘Good Enough’ badge
  • Head on over to a private server
  • Select ‘DBZ’ then ‘Goku’
  • Enjoy playing as Goku!

Can I Play as Goku on a Public Server?

Sadly not. Goku is only available on private servers as things currently stand. That’s probably for the best as well, as Goku is an immensely powerful character.

What is Undertale Test Place Reborn?

It’s a Roblox RPG that sees you collect a wide variety of your favourite characters. You then explore a wide open world, battling other players. As you do so, you’ll increase your power and unlock new skins that allow you to customise your appearance.

If you’re a fan of Roblox and the game Undertale, this will enormously appeal to you. You can learn more about it on Roblox, or simply crack on with playing it if you want to.

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