Where To Find Stella In Sols RNG – Unlock Advanced Potion Crafting Options!

A character from Roblox game Sols RNG standing in front of the Stella NPC in a cave. Her cauldron and hut are also visible.

As Sols RNG evolves, it’s slowly emerging from its gacha cocoon to become something new and strange. In our guide on where to find Stella in Sols RNG, we’ll show you how to meet Era 5’s new Potion-brewing witch NPC.

Sols RNG is a Roblox gacha title. It gives you unlimited rolls to work with, and a wide range of ultra-rare Auras to obtain using them. As of the Era 5 update, it also lets you brew powerful Potions, provided you can track down the elusive Steall, that is. In this guide, we’ll teach you just how to do so.

You can check out Sols RNG via Roblox right now. For more on this wily witch, check out our Sols RNG Stellas Portal quest guide.

Where To Find Stella In Sols RNG

In this guide, we’ll cover exactly who Stella is, and where you can find her in Sols RNG.

Who Is Stella?

Stella is a new NPC added in Sols RNG’s Era 5 update. She’s a witch who lives in a cave, brewing Potions in her nearby cauldron. If you want to make use of Fortune Potions, Haste Potions, Heavenly Potions, or Universe Potions, then you’ll need to track her down sooner or later.

She also has a Quest for you to complete, the reward for which is a portal that lets you warp right to her from your Spawn point. Once this is unlocked, it’s trivial to visit Stella as often as you’d like. Until then, however, you’ll need to reach her the old fashioned way. As you’ll see, this is far easier said than done.

How To Reach Stella

Getting to Stella can be broken neatly into two stages: finding the Secret Cave, then finding Stella within the Cave. We’ll cover both here.

Finding The Secret Cave

From your Spawn point, head left past Jake’s Worskhop. Cross over to the tree with the ladder against it and climb to the top. From here, jump across the next three trees nearby, then drop down onto the rocky platform on the side of the mountain. This next section is tricky: you’ll need to make several jumps while clinging to extremely narrow platforms on the mountainside.

Once you do, you’ll find another ladder, which you can climb to reach a higher ledge on the mountain. Follow this round and jump into the waterfall to land on another ledge, with a cave opening ahead of you. Inside, you’ll find a fire burning and a glowing hole in the floor. Drop in and you’ll enter the Secret Cave.

Finding Stella

Once in the cave, you’ll notice a wooden bridge over a gap in front of you. Ignore this for now and head left. Drop down onto a small platform by the pillar, then jump over to the next two platforms along. The next jump is probably the hardest in this entire guide, due to the low light level. It’s easy to miss the platform wrapped round the right side of the pillar in front of you, and therefore very hard to land on it. Once you do, however, you can wrap around it and jump over onto a platform where you’ll notice a trail of candles.

This trail will take you right to Stella if you follow it closely. Turn left after the first two candles to enter a cave with several platforms and candles scattered about. Climb the platforms on the right, and use the hard-to-spot platform in the middle to bridge your way over the left. Turn right next to find a cave packed with candles. Keep your eyes peeled as you’ll need to make several precise jumps to get to Stella’s hut from here. If you fall you can easily just try again though: you won’t need to repeat the entire cave.

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