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Ready to get kitted out in World Of Aincrad but not sure where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our World Of Aincrad Armor guide goes over the armor you can equip in the World of Aincrad beta and what they have to offer.

World Of Aincrad is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It’s inspired by the hit anime Sword Art Online and lets you set out and experience Aincrad for yourself. There are quests to do, enemies to defeat, and gear to upgrade.

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World Of Aincrad Armor Guide

Here we’ll go over the armors and their stats as well as a little about the game itself.

About Armor

Armor refers to different outfits that your character can equip to boost their defense. Most are dropped by enemies around the map, so you might need to get your hands dirty.

Armor List

Here we list the beta armors.

Starter Clothes

  • No bonus
  • You start with these.

Wolf Tunic

  • Defence +21
  • Dropped by Wolves

Maple Leaf Shroud

  • Defense +55
  • Dropped by Bugs

Warden’s Platemail

  • Defense +76
  • Dropped by Kobolds

Steel Chestplate

  • Defense – +93
  • Dropped by Nepenthes

Dusk Plate

  • Defense +170
  • Dropped by Guardians

Guardian’s Platemail

  • Defense +346
  • Dropped by Ilfang (Very low drop rate.)

About World of Aincrad

World Of Aincrad is a Roblox action RPG that brings you to the world of Sword Art Online. The game is an open world that you’re free to explore, though watch out for the assortment of enemies that wander the land. Take on quests on your own or as part of a party and set out to make your name and grow your power to advance up the floors of the iconic tower.

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