1 vs 1 multiplayer robot combat arrives on Android in Mechadroids

A new 1 vs 1 robot combat game has arrived on Android from developers Deadworld Studios called Mechadroids. This is a combat game with a rather satirical twist to it so not only will you be fighting it out with other robots, you will be treated to plenty of humor in the process.

Mechadroids is a massive multiplayer combat game where you pick a robot, customize their appearance, and battle it out with other players in a menu-based combat system. Think of this as Real Steel but with humor and a menu-driven system for combat.

There are a ton of different weapons, shields and upgrades for your fighting robot, all of which are rather humorous. Some examples of this include weapons like Object of Distraction or the fabled Poke Ball. You can even equip your robot with a Can of Whoopass (which does 40 damage). In fact you can get a good laugh just by reading all the weapons, shields and other descriptions on the official Mechadroids website.

Your robots will slowly gain XP through the battles the fight in which, of course, levels them up. The higher the level your robot is the more they will be able to access in terms of upgrades. Get real good at fighting and you could end up in the Hall of Fame. If you are interested in getting into the fighting spirit with some robots, you can download Mechadroids off of the Google Play store for free. Beware of our robot as we are scrapping it out as well.

Developer Website: Mechadroids Website

Google Play Link: Mechadroids

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