100 Rogues developing a game for Android that will refine the rogue-like genre

Rogue-like games, mostly of the RPG nature, are some of the more enjoyable games to play when it comes to the RPG genre. Always different due to the randomly generated levels and maps, they offer up lots of replay value. 100 Rogues is taking the rogue genre and trying to bring a ‘major refinement’ to it with their new game Auro.

Auro is going to be a rogue-like RPG game that will feature randomly generated content for dungeons and maps. However, they are breaking the mold that is in place when it comes to RPG games. Gone are classes and instead are replaced with ‘Disciplines’ which will be more free-form in fashion when it comes to leveling up and learning new skills. Battle mages anyone?

On top of that, new equipment and weapons can only be obtained when you choose to throw your efforts into a certain direction. That will be a challenge in itself. Also gone is the tile-like pattern that these games usually follow when it comes to movement and combat, instead being replaced with hexagon spaces. That means more angles to get attacked from and also more possible directions to move in.

Dinofarm Games wants to make a “major refinement to the Roguelike genre” which will be a much welcoming change we think. So when can we expect to see Auro out on Android? Unfortunately no word just yet on any sort of exact date, hopefully not too long though.

Developer Website: Dinofarm Games

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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