Genshin Impact is Getting a 2D Demake on Android, But It Looks Very Familiar

feature image for our 2D genshin impact news, the image features a screenshot from the gameplay video of a pixelated version of lumine walks through mondstadt and walks by katheryne at the adventurer's guild, there is a small icon of paimon in the top left

Ever wondered what a pixelated version of Genshin Impact would look like? Well, you’re in luck! An Android user has created a 2D version of Genshin Impact. Although, it looks like the project has already been abandoned.

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2D Genshin Impact Looks Visually Stunning, But…

Take a look at some gameplay of this 2D Genshin Impact game below.

Interestingly, while the game looks visually charming, we quickly realised that the character models, animations, and overall style looked incredibly familiar. Have you ever heard of Little Witch in the Woods? If you haven’t, it’s a cosy game where you play as a witch named Ellie.

We’re not sure how the creator of the 2D Genshin Impact project got their hands on Little Witch in the Woods assets, but it’s a crossover we didn’t expect.

A Labor of Love

It’s clear to see that this little 2D project was created by someone who loves the original title dearly. Mondstadt has been perfectly replicated, with Katheryne standing at the Adventurer’s Guild, Angel Share’s Tavern, and the Good Hunter with Sara standing behind the counter.

As you explore the outdoors, you’ll also come across pixelated versions of Hilichurls, pesky Ruin Guards, and handy waypoints.

While the video only shows us a snippet of gameplay, it’s nice to see Venti, Hu Tao, Paimon, and Amber make an appearance with their very own detailed portraits. The dialogue boxes even have Genshin Impact flare – the attention to detail is truly remarkable.

Could an Official Version Be Launched?

We wouldn’t mind seeing an official 2D version of Genshin Impact one day. Even if it’s a humble story-driven RPG or a life simulator, it’d be interesting to see how HoYoverse would adapt the 3D open-world title into a more simplified style.

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