Sega Takes Over The World In 404 GAME RE:SET JP Release

Feature image for our news piece on the 404 GAME RE:SET release date. It shows several of the personified game characters, the front of them in shadow.

For the mobile gamers over in Japan, the wait is over. 404 GAME RE:SET, the new game project from Sega, and the legendary Yoko Taro is available to play now. The rest of us will have to wait around for a global 404 GAME RE:SET release date. Keep an eye on Google Play!

Something For NieR Fans To Check Out

For those uninitiated in the strangeness of Yoko Taro, he is the man behind beloved titles like the NieR and Drakengard series, RPGs that took regular RPG tropes and stood them completely on their heads.

404 GAME RE:SET does not appear to take any more of a traditional approach to mobile games. There are quite a few anime girls, but that’s pretty much where the things you might expect end.

The characters in question are personified versions of classic arcade games, who had turned against their creator, Sega. In the 404 GAME RE:SET universe, Sega is an evil company that decided that video games weren’t enough for them, and took over the entire world.

You have to respect Sega’s ability to poke fun at themselves.

A Stange Bullet Hell Trip

Some of the games-company-turned-totalitarian-overlord’s games rebel and set out to destroy the evil regime, and that’s where you come in.

The result is a trippy shooter that looks like a cross between Touhou Project tiles and Kingdom Hearts gummi ships. This is superimposed over the top of some NieR: Automata-like industrial backdrops.

The player controls a central character, who brings along some squadmates who thoughtfully turn into geometric shapes to keep the already-busy play area from developing into complete madness.

You maneuver around, firing on various blocky hazards before working your way along to face off with a boss. The boss is generally some personified game who is still a puppet of the evil corporation.

It’s definitely a distinctive and delightfully weird ride.

If you’re one of the places still waiting down their own 404 GAME RE:SET release date, try checking out our stories on other new releases at the moment, like our latest news on the Honkai Star Rail release.

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