4Story M: Flying Dragon Arrows gets updated with Chapter 6 and 7

4Story M: Flying Dragon Arrows from Zemi Interactive has been updated today with two new chapters for players to work their way through. With the two new chapters, those being chapter 6 and 7, there also happens to be new bosses that players will need to deal with.

For those of you not familiar with this game, 4Story M: Flying Dragon Arrows is a spin-off game for mobile devices based off of the 4Story MMORPG world. Players control their bow-wielding heroine, moving her left and right to dodge attacks while using your bow to take out enemy monsters in each stage. There are different objectives in each stage, ranging from killing a certain amount of monsters to straight up killing a boss.

Once you get your heroine above level 3, you will also get your own dragon as well. Between each stage players can upgrade their armor and bow, get different types of arrows, and upgrade their skills as well. There is also a full achievement system available for those of you who enjoy collecting every single achievement in a game.

4Story M: Flying Dragon Arrow is a good time killer of a game and now there is even more content available thanks to this new update. Of course you can also take a break from the single-player content to do a little PvP gaming as well. The two new updates are now open and available to play through. If you want to check this game out, you can download it off of Google Play for free and it does include optional IAPs as well.


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