505 Games releases Snoop Dogg’s rhythm-based brawler Way Of The Dogg

Back in May we brought news that Snoop Dogg would be getting his own rhythm-based combat game that would be heading to multiple platforms including Android. Well 505 Games has brought the Way Of The Dogg to Android finally so you can now kick some ass but in a really mellow state of mind.

Players will be taking control of AJ who is out for revenge. Each level is a fight with a new character and making you one step closer to finding redemption, or maybe not. It depends on what side you choose to fight for. Aside from each new character you will be fighting, you’ll also be in a new location. All the combat is rhythm-based and is set to Snoop Dogg’s own music.


There is a total of 14 levels to beat your way through, while listening to some admittedly good songs, and should you feel the need to beat on your friends as well to music, there is a multiplayer mode to enjoy as well. For those of you interested in checking this game out, you can do so by grabbing a copy for $1.99.

Google Play Link: Way of the Dogg

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