911 Operator is on Sale for a Limited Time

Have you ever dreamed of being a 911 operator? Well, now you no longer have to dream, because 911 Operator is a call centre simulator with real consequences based on real-life experiences.

911 Operator – A Glimpse Behind the Scenes of Someone Saving Lives

911 Operator is best described as a realistic call centre simulator based on real-life events. You may have a call from a hysterical father, phoning in about his injured daughter. Or you may have a prankster, trying to get an innocent person Swatted. Either way, virtual lives will officially be in your hands!

As a 911 Operator, your task goes beyond answering calls. You will need to be quick on your feet and may even have to give first aid over the phone. The free play mode allows you to play in any city in the world. You can manage the number of police, paramedics and firemen and what vehicles they drive.

If 911 Operator sounds like the simulator for you, then why not grab a copy from the Play Store?

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