Latest 9th Dawn III Sale is a Steal!

feature image for our 9th dawn III sale news article, the image features promo screenshots of the game of a character taking part in battle against monsters with snow and ice, as well as the game's map with icons for monsters and areas

The latest 9th Dawn III sale is a big one. You can now grab the game for the low price of £4.79 / $4.99 – bargain! Google Play often gets some pretty good deals, but this one is definitely catching our eye. 

While you can play the game on Steam, Switch, and on Xbox, it is slightly more expensive than the Android port. We recommend trying the game out on Android first to see if you like the game overall! It’s a popular mobile game too, with some pretty high reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars.

What is 9th Dawn III?

9th Dawn III is an open-world RPG. It focuses on dungeon crawler gameplay as you explore Cedaltia to solve the mystery that weighs heavily on your mind. Trek through dangerous dungeons and ancient ruins spread across the land of Halstom, Vak, Scorn, and Ashwick.

What Can You Do in the Mobile Game?

Obtain brand-new pieces of gear and equip them to strengthen your character – allowing you to participate in high level battles. There are currently over 270 monsters in the game at the moment, meaning combat always stays fresh! You can even customize your weapons and armor, as well as enjoy leisurely activities such as fishing and cooking. 

Delve into deep dungeons as you listen to the beautiful orchestral music that contrasts against the action-packed gameplay. There are 550 pieces of armor and 300 weapons as of right now in the mobile RPG – plenty of items to obtain! 

Play Some Fyued!

There’s even a fun card game called Fyued if you fancy a few minutes of challenging relaxation. Not only can you improve your own character, but you can also help to improve the lives of the residents of local towns by working through a range of side quests in between impactful battles against snarling monsters. 

For more information on the game, visit the official Google Play page. If you’re interested in the game, don’t miss out on this brilliant 9th Dawn III sale!

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