A Disturbance In the Force : Exclusive Rights Locked In by EA

Electronic Arts and Walt Disney emerged from the conference room yesterday to announce an exclusive development deal that will make EA and their subsidiaries exclusive developers for all things Star Wars for the next few years. Disney also stated that they will retain certain rights to develop new titles for the mobile and social platforms in the future, at their discretion. This is another historical exclusive score for EA as some of you may remember the EA Sports / NFL exclusive deal inked in 2004 and it remains today.


This presents a unique opportunity for Electronic Arts to come back strong and breath life into the much anticipated Star Wars 1313 and Battlefront III but sadly, there is no mention of it in either press release today. The smart money would be handing over the Battlefront project to DICE and unleashing the Frostbite 3 engine and given BioWare’s previous success with Knights of the Old Republic it may not be too far for EA to reach out and redeem themselves.

I am interested to see what EA will do with their newly bestowed power over the Star Wars universe and if we will see the resurrection of 1313 and Battlefront while Disney pumps out the mobile titles.

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