A Game With BALLS by Puppy Punch Productions now live on the Android Market

For those of you who choose not to use the Amazon App Store or just plain can’t and have been waiting to play A Game With BALLS there is some good news today for you. Puppy Punch Productions has officially released it onto the Android Market.

Eight days ago Puppy Punch Productions, which is the casual game development studios spin-off from Trendy Entertainment, released their first casual game called A Game With BALLS onto Android via the Amazon App Store. It was the free game of the day for their release which means they were tied into a small exclusive time period with Amazon. Well that time period has expired and it is now available on the Android Market for everyone.


  • Gorgeous hand-drawn graphics
  • Addictive and intense gameplay
  • Rhythm-centric gameplay
  • 4 Themes (more coming soon)
  • Unique soundtrack for each theme
  • Cannon and shield shop with in-app purchases (coming soon)
  • OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements
  • “Artist of the Month” theme rotation
  • Fight through over 50 levels and 5 worlds in Arcade Mode
  • Unlock multiple cannons and themes for use in Infinite (Eternal) mode; play and upload your scores online to see who can survive the longest
  • Discover Progression mode, where you continuously migrate through different worlds & music



The game is a nice casual game where you need to defend your cannon from getting hit by the objects floating around which are generally in the shape of balls. However, each object you shoot to deflect away from your cannon reacts differently to being shot which can make for some interesting results. You can grab A Game With BALLS off the Android Market for $0.99 right now. So what are you waiting for? Go get it and play with some balls. you can check out the game in the preview trailer below.

Developer Website: Puppy Punch Productions

Android Market Link: A Game With BALLS

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