A list of all the Electronic Arts games on sale both on Google Play and Amazon

Electronic Arts is actually having quite the sale this holiday seasons and it goes much further than Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Contre Jour being only $0.99 for the holidays, while a lot of the free-to-play games EA has, such as TheSims and Theme Park, are having sales regarding in-game purchases. There also happens to be holiday themed items you can find in some of those games as well.

However, we are all about the deals and while Need For Speed: Most Wanted has been $0.99 since last week, now they have added a few more game on Google Play to their sale list. Also, for all you Kindle Fire owners out there, Electronic Arts has discounted a bunch of their games over on the Amazon AppStore down to $0.99 as well for a limited time.

Google Play EA Deals:

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (North America) | Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Intentional)

Plants vs Zombies (North America) | Plants vs Zombies (International)

The Game of Life (N.A.) | The Game of Life (Int.)

Tetris (N.A.) | Tetris (Int.)

Monoploy Millionaire (N.A.) | Monopoly Millionaire (Int.)

Contre Jour (N.A.) | Contre Jour (Int.)

Amazon AppStore EA Deals:

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Monopoly Millionaire



Bejeweled 2

Feed Me Oil

Need for Speed: Most Wanted


Connect 4

Tiger Wood PGA Tour 2012

As you can see EA’s sale is actually a lot more extensive then originally thought last week. This entire sale is for a limited time and will end soon once the holidays are over. You can also take a look at some of the in-game purchase discounts and special items to find by checking out this list of in-game special EA has put out.

Website Referenced: EA’s Facebook

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