A quick look at the upcoming platformer called Glob The Game

There is an upcoming platformer under development right now called Glob The Game by an indie developer that looks rather promising. While there isn’t a whole lot of details right now about this game, what we do have is a look at the gameplay itself thanks to a video from the developer.

In Glob The Game you play as Glob who is a little blob on a mission to find all the missing little globs. We also know he has to make his way through a variety of stages, avoiding hazards and shooting little enemies who happen to be trying to stop him. It looks like there might be some physics-based gameplay involved as well but we can’t be too certain about that.

The developer has Glob the Game slated for release onto Android phones and tablets sometime this Summer. He has also stated that he will be looking for beta testers soon so if you want to get in on that, you’ll need to be ready over on our forums as he will post when beta testing goes live over there.

Forum Discussion: Glob the Game thread

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