A sequel to the classic space trading sim Elite could make its way to mobile devices

Frontier Developments have started up a Kickstarter campaign to help getting a sequel to their rather popular classic space trading sim game called Elite which was originally released back in 1984. At the time Elite featured a revolutionary blend of 3D wire frame graphics and vast procedurally generated galaxies that had not really been accomplished before. Now they are looking to bring a sequel, called Elite: Dangerous, to PCs and David Braben of Frontier Developments has come out to say that they may bring the sequel to mobile devices should they hit/surpass their goal for their Kickstarter campaign.

This new sequel is looking for a hefty amount of funding as well, with the developers trying to reach their goal of £1,250,000 with 57 days still to go. The Kickstarter campaign is strictly for the PC version of Elite: Dangerous but as we mentioned above, Frontier Developments have been thinking about bringing it to mobile devices should they hit their goal.

Yes – we will look at other platforms in the future, but the Kickstarter campaign is for PC. If / when we hit the £1.25m level, we will then consider other elements – including other platforms, including console, mobile, and tablets. We are certainly thinking about it. – David Braben, Frontier Developments

For those of you not familiar with Elite, or its impending sequel, this game is a trading game where you get a ship and a starting amount of money and it is your job to make as much money as you can, legally or otherwise, through trading, bounty hunting, piracy and even doing assassination jobs for cash. The sequel will feature procedurally generated content like the original as well but the visuals will be more up-to-date then 3D wire frame graphics. There will also be multiplayer added into the game, bringing a new dimension to it over the original which was strictly you against computer generated opponents.

Of course all of this relies on the fact that Frontier Developments needs to have a successful Kickstarter campaign in order to even bring the game to PCs in a timely fashion. However, it is good to know that mobile phones and tablets could also be included in this new sequel. If you’re hoping that this pans out, head over to the Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter page and drop a few bucks on helping it get funded.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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