A-Steroids’ Underworld: Drug Lords now available on Android

Have you had a digital drug dealing itch and been unable to scratch it? Well itch no more, for developer A-Steroids’ new drug-dealing simulator, Underworld: Drug Lords, is now available on the Play Store.

Following their complicated 2008 release of their previous Underworld title, Underworld: Drug Lords builds on the tried-and-true formula of “buy low, sell high.” You begin as a mere street thug, leaving your mark on a street corner, and work your way towards being the Scarface of your city. As you accumulate money you can hire runners, pay off the police, and invest in gadgets and equipment to better protect your goods.

Underworld: Drug Lords also features location-based elements, such as the local buying and selling of product to players in your area. Using live chat features, alliances can be forged and enemies can be made all in the comfort of your neighborhood. If you’re successful enough you can climb the leaderboards and dominate your neighborhood, and if you’re lucky – your town.

Underworld: Drug Lords is available on the Play Store at the low price of free. Start your journey towards drug-dealing domination today! 


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