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Stranger Things Meets Monkey Island in A Strange Summer in Forest Hill

Steve in A Strange Summer in Forest Hill.

If you like Stranger Things and point-and-click adventures like Monkey Island or Broken Sword, then do we have a treat in store for you. A Strange Summer in Forest Hill is basically your dream game.

This indie adventure, create by a talented solo developer, takes place in the fictional small town of Forest Hill. You play as Steve, the new kid on the block who is spending the summer with his uncle Johnny.

What’s A Strange Summer in Forest Hill About?

At the beginning of the adventure, Steve befriends his fellow teen neighbour Molly, who then mysteriously disappears. I mean, my money is on Steve, but he’s the hero and investigates the disappearance.

It’s not the only weird happening in Forest Hill. Strange lights are appearing in the nearby forest and you uncover a series of underground tunnels, which Molly had previously drawn a map of. In these underground tunnels is a metal box. What’s inside?

Even more suspicious is Forest Hill’s own police chief Harris. You see, he doesn’t want you investigating what’s going on, which is suspicious all in of itself.

How Does It Play?

We won’t say anymore to avoid spoilers, but this sounds like a fun adventure game that harkens back to the classics of the genre. You’ll explore environments, collect items, and use them to solve puzzles.

It sounds very Monkey Island, doesn’t it? Well, in gameplay at least. In terms of setting, Forest Hill is very Stranger Things. It takes place in the secluded Forest Hill in the 80s, and features a story about teenagers going missing.

The protagonist is called Steve and the word strange is even in the title. Need I say more?

Where Can I Get A Strange Summer in Forest Hill?

If you’d like to check out, A Strange Summer in Forest Hill is out right now on Google Play. It’s a premium game, but it costs les than a cup of coffee, and you will support a talented indie developer.

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