A3: Still Alive Celebrating Its First Birthday With a Special Event

Has it really been a year since A3: Still Alive launched? Yes. Yes it has. And to celebrate the MMO battle royale RPG mash up’s birthday, Netmarble is launching a special in-game event that’s packed full of new content and special treats. Mmmm, treats.

The biggest addition is a new territory. It’s called Tuaki and it’s got plenty to keep players occupied. There’s a new equipment dungeon called The Derelict Buried Tomb. There’s a new world boss as well – Red Monster Kazan.

Want more? Well Tuaki also features a new war zone dungeon called Forest of Change and a new raid in the shape of the Swamp of Silence. The level cap is now 200, too, and you can earn a bunch of Level 190/200 items. Here’s a trailer.

On top of the new region and level cap, there are a bunch of special promotions running as part of the celebration. Here they all are –

  • Legendary 7 Days Attendance Event – Earn rewards by logging into the game for seven, with the maximum reward being a 7-star Legendary Soul Linker
  • Welcome Power-up Mission – New and returning players will receive extra missions and rewards, which will guarantee those players will receive up to 5 million combat power and other items, such as a 8-star Legendary Soul Linker, an Ancient Shu, and more
  • 1 Year Anniversary Coupon – Type in code [BACKTOA3] and receive various items and rewards
  • 1 Year Anniversary Treasure Box Event – Players can acquire two kinds of keys from Guild Festival and other daily contents to open the treasure box and receive tons of rewards
  • New In-Game Server – Players can now join the new Tietis server which is now live in today’s update
  • Legendary 7 days Mission – By completing various missions from A3: Still Alive’s standard content, players can acquire a 7-star Legendary Soul Linker upon completion

If any of that has stoked the fires of desire deep inside of you, you can click here to download A3: Still Alive from the Play Store. It’s free to play with IAPs.

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