AbraWordabra gets updated with Math mode and more

Total ArKade Software have released an update for AbraWordabra, which was developed by a former game developer from Halfbrick, this rather humorous puzzle game for Android and iOS has a whole new gameplay mode which brings with is a bunch of new levels as well.

The new mode is called Math mode and coming with this new gameplay mode are 20 more levels to challenge your brain when you have a moment of free time. This brings the total number of levels up to 240 which is a silly amount of content to get through, in a good way of course.

Math mode is pretty straightforward in concept. All you need to do is figure out the numbers in the equation and you will have solved the level. Conceptual simple but executing it is a whole new story. If you currently have AbraWordabra, you can now download the update.

Google Play Link: ArbaWORDabra

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