Acclaimed Card-Based Roguelike Cultist Simulator is Discounted by More Than 70% on Android

Cultist Simulator Android

Cultist Simulator, the highly acclaimed “roguelike narrative card game” from Playdigious, is currently discounted by more than 70% on Android. 

Developed by Weather Factory, Cultist Simulator sees you attempting to create a Lovecraftian cult by playing cards. It’s a narrative game, with each attempt containing different events and resulting in different outcomes. 

It’s difficult, too, with little in the way of guidance when you first start playing. Your rewards for perseverance are forbidden treasures, alien gods, and other rad stuff like that. 

There’s a huge amount of potential story variation on offer, making for a compelling, slick roguelike with close to infinite replayability. 

It’s well worth its current price of $1.99, down from its usual $6.99. Download Cultist Simulator cheap right now on the Google Play Store. 

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